30+ Big Brands Which are Using WordPress Sites

You may not believe in my words, but do you know 34% of the world’s websites are using WordPress sites in 2019. We have a misconception about WordPress that this is not secure, only good for blogging. It’s theme designs are the same, appearance & only for beginners, etc. But it’s not true.

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There are lots of world’s top brands that are using WordPress for their sites. So, if you are thinking like this, then today your misconception will be clear.

Below there is the list of 30+ top brands that are in WordPress. This is selected on the basis of their Domain Authority, Domain rating, Name Fame & Alexa Ranking. (Numbering is not serially).

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WordPress Sites

1. Sony Musicsonymusic.com

About everyone must have heard about this company. It is a music recorder company globally. This company has an incredible music recording history.

2. cPanel Blog – blog.cpanel.com

If you concern with website and blogging. Then you must know about cPanel. It is a web hosting control panel website. It provides us blogs, tips, news, hosting control, etc.

3. The New York Times Company – nytco.com

It is a newspaper company of America of New York City with worldwide news portal.

4. The White House – whitehouse.gov

This website keeps everyone up to date about news, national security, healthcare and many details about the United States.

5. Toyota – toyota.com.br

Toyota is the largest manufacturer or car worldwide. As you can see br in the link that meant for its Brazilian authority use WordPress for their website.

6. TechCrunch – techcrunch.com

It is a reviewing, tech news, startup tech media.

7. The New Yorker – newyorker.com

It is a daily news reporting website in New York.

8. Canada – canada.com

It is a type of sharing the website which shares stories about Canada.

9. Bingo – bingo.com

It is a Wi-Fi sharing website, which makes easy Wi-Fi access worldwide.

10. Vogue India – vogue.in

It provides new fashion, celebrity style, fashion & beauty videos.

11. University of Washington – washington.edu

It is a well-known university throughout the world, Situated in Washington, United States.

12. Skillcrush – skillcrush.com

It is an online class for web designing, coding & other digital skills.

13. College Choice – collegechoice.net

It provides you the list of colleges for your study. There are various colleges listed with details.

14. WPExplorer – wpexplorer.com

WPExplorer is a free WordPress professional blogging website. Having themes & Plugins of WordPress.

15. Bata – bata.com

Bata is a dressing brand that manufactures dress & shoes for men, child women, old, etc.

16. IZOD – izod.com

IZOD is a footwear & sportswear manufacturer of modern times.

17. Tinkering Monkey – tinkeringmonkey.com

It handcrafts metal & wood signs.

18. AMC – amc.com

It is an American television of the AMC network.

19. MP3.com – mp3.com

It provides free mp3 music downloads.

20. BBC America – bbcamerica.com

It is a digital cable network of the US & jointly operated by BBC along with AMC worldwide.

21. Pluto – pluto.tv

It is a free online TV broadcaster. For more than 100 live channels. Along with the movie, programs, etc.

22. Microsoft Studios – microsoftstudios.com

It is a video game producer section of Microsoft.

23. Portent – portent.com

Portent is a digital platform where all the SEO & PPC strategies are made to improve earning.

24. 10up – 10up.com

It provides helping sources to Time, ESPN, Microsoft, etc. a better website.

25. Design the Planet – designtheplanet.com

It provides web design, development, branding, etc.

26. Born Group – borngroup.com

It works as a creative content connector.

27. Creative Commons – creativecommons.org

This site provides the legal share of your idea creativity and protection of that.

28. Cure – cure.org

It is a healing organization for children from many countries.

29. NAF – archivesfoundation.org

It is a nonprofit foundation which aware of the citizens of America about democracy.

30. Skype Blogs – blogs.skype.com

It provides news about skype to their users. Skype is a social media website for video & audio calling.

31. Facebook Newsroom – newsroom.fb.com

This site provides the news, announcements & updates from Facebook.

WordPress is an incredible website manager for you. Either you are experienced or a beginner. WordPress has unlimited functions, themes, plugins for free. Also a believed platform for making websites and blogs.

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