The Alienware Area-51M R2 is now available at a price of $1099. The manufacturer’s website includes the following information on this model: “The new Alienware Area 51M R2 with its latest innovations is an extremely advanced system that packs a powerful punch for those who are in the market for a PC that delivers an excellent balance between performance and affordability.”

The website does not contain information about the price for the previous version, but it should be close to or even slightly below the current retail price.


The Alienware Area 51R2 comes with a release date of July 3, in all likely configurations. This means that you can custom-build your computer right out of the beginning. (Other machines in the company’s line will only come out with different configurations over the course of several months, for comparison.)

The new graphics cards included with the model are a pair of PowerXpress HD4000, which provides an improved visual experience while playing games and watching movies.

The video card also provides additional features, including better audio, support for the latest games, and faster boot-up time and shutdown time.

Three memory slots are standard on this model, and the maximum amount of memory is 1GB. There is no option to upgrade the RAM beyond this level, but there is a software tool that allows you to do so.

If you want to add more memory, it is best to buy a new model instead of waiting for the existing model to be sold out.

In terms of connectivity, the model includes two USB ports. However, users are not entitled to a built-in Ethernet adapter, and one can easily be added. You can also choose from a variety of expansion slots.

Other features included with this model are a hard drive bay, an optical disc drive, two-way audio, and DVI video outputs. As the name indicates, the hard drive bay has room for one hard disk.

The optical disc drive provides the ability to store your own DVDs, CDs, or use one as a backup. When the DVD drive reaches full capacity, you can simply replace it with a CD/DVD burner that is included in the system.


The sound quality on this machine is excellent. It is said to have excellent surround sound, but the sound is not high-definition. It also has a five-point microphone that can be used for external microphones if necessary.

The monitor display on this model is much clearer than others in its class. It is a bit on the small side, but you can easily see what you are doing while working at a distance. The monitor has a high-resolution screen and has an attractive backlight.

An AC power source is provided in the box, which means that the unit will not need an additional power adapter. You can also choose from the option of using a portable battery, as well. If you are interested in purchasing one that uses a universal chord, then it should have an adapter.


Since this is a relatively simple piece of hardware, you should not expect to run into any problems with it. If you are running Windows, you should have no problem opening the box and loading it into your computer or installing it. if that is the case.

The overall performance of the machine is decent but not as impressive as some people have claimed it to be. It also has only a standard warranty, meaning that it is not protected by any type of long-term warranty.

In short, the performance is more than adequate for basic computer tasks, but does not provide the best performance for gaming.

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