Best Website Builders – 2019 (Easy & cheap)

Website building is a difficult task for those who don’t know how to develop a website, but website building sites are those who develop a site for you according to your needs & they don’t require any developer.

There are many site builders, which develop a site for you, but for beginners, it’s quite difficult to find the best website for building their site.

There are lots of website builders in this field but you should choose the best & right solution for your site.

So, In this article, I’ll explain some sites where you can create a site & use it easily. Also, why you should go through that particular builder, with their pros & cons.

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For What Website Builders are ?

Website builders are best for the following things. These are perfect for:-

Small Business Owners
College/ campus

Best Website Builders – 2019

So, here we will be discussing following website builders in this article, With their pros & cons:-



3. GoDaddy Website Builder

4. Shopify

5. SiteBuilder

6. BigCommerce

Let’s compare all these on their working & specificity:-


-Best for Bloggers


Full customization available for your website.
Wide range of social networks, popularity.
– All types of websites can be created.
– More than a thousand themes are available with plugins.
– About top-ranked 50% of websites are on WordPress based.


You need to manage your site yourself.
Slightly difficult in beginning.
– We need to keep everything updated for your site.


Easy to use.


No hosting money is required, As it is a fully hosted, site builder.
Have the biggest libraries of templates.
Easy to use & customize.
Free SSL for all the plans of Wix.
Best for eCommerce stores According to plans.($20 / mo)


It’s free so there are Ads of Wix branding but can be removed by upgrading.
– It’s complicated if you need to move your site from Wix.

3. GoDaddy

Worldwide famous & simple domain hosting provider.

PROS of GoDaddy

Easy to operate & simple look.
It can be operated even by phones & tablets.
Specialized gallery, where you can work as professionals.

CONS of GoDaddy

Limited design & features.
It’s difficult to move your site from GoDaddy to others.

4. Shopify

Especially for the eCommerce website.

PROS of Shopify

It is a fully hosted web builder so that you don’t need to be tensed about the software, updates & your backups, etc.
– Have their own payment option (Shopify payment)
– Easy and flexible management of your store/site.
– It can be integrated into WordPress at the same time along with Shopify.

CONS of Shopify

Difficulty in moving the site from Shopify to another.
Pricing is high, If you are starting.

5. SiteBuilder

Best used for blogging, small business website, etc.

PROS of SiteBuilder

Best live chat & technical support.
It provides professional & powerful support in their inventory tab with great customization.
– Easy to use due to the drag-drop option.

CONS of SiteBuilder

It is a paid site builder & no trail time is given, It provides a money-back guaranty of 14 days, If you don’t like the service.
Moving your site to another builder may cause difficulty.

6. BigCommerce

The Best e-commerce website builder in the market.

PROS of BigCommerce

It is a fully hosted site builder, so you don’t need to be tensed about the update, security, speed of site ultimately your technical side is operated by the BigCommerce.
– Your site is becoming too secure even after large traffic as same as WordPress.
– BigCommerce has all the payment options which are used worldwide.

CONS of BigCommerce

Having a high price for beginners due to no income of yours.
– The migration of the site from this platform may be difficult.

Final Words:-

If you wish to create a blog then go through WordPress. If a shopping or eCommerce site then goes with others. For the best experience, you can go with SiteBuilder but it is paid so, on behalf of it you can go with WordPress. All the platform has its own specialty so, It is dependent on you & your work that what you are going to do.

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