The Best WordPress Themes for Free

The Best WordPress Themes for Free:– Hey guys, welcome to the next post of web designing. I hope the previous post must have helped you all to create a WordPress site. If you want to create a good, Professional & long term website then you need a good theme along with full or maximum customization.

As, the themes are responsible for the design, customization & earning of your website. A good theme attracts the user to your site & the traffic on your website.

So, here below some best themes are explained. To which you can use for free to create a designer site.


The Best WordPress Themes for Free:-


If you are a blogger or wish to be then this is for you, BlogMagazine is one of the best and free themes available on WordPress. This is the theme which I use & you can check the design of it on this website. If you wish to create a website like me then you can go through it.

FOR DOWNLOAD:- Click on BlogMagazine

As you can see here on my website everything you can edit and you don’t need to pay for that. Here I’m using it personally, so I’ll recommend you guys to use it.


Here another one is Magazine. If you are a magazine creator or you have an information site then you can go through it. This theme is fully optimized for mobile phones as well as for the desktop. This theme is mostly used by newspaper channels, magazines & bloggers. The cause is that this theme is easy to edit with lots of customization available.

FOR DOWNLOAD:- Click on Magazine


Moseia having one of the most customizable & Colorful background themes. If you are looking for the best customization facility then you can go through it.

FOR DOWNLOAD:- Click on Moseia

Newspaper 9

Newspaper 9 theme is the best theme ever created for a beginner in the field of blogging and news article writing but the main issue with it is that you can only access some features in its free version. Also, you can’t use Google AdSense with its free version. But still, it is best if you want to learn something in the field of web designing. This theme is very popular among bloggers who are starting a blog or are professional. In this theme, there are lots of customization options are given & if you start to customize your site or blog by this theme, it gives a professional touch to the site.

FOR DOWNLOAD:- Click on Newspaper 9


Zillah is a good theme by means of unlimited color, Customization, Author box, Rapid image loading. It is SEO friendly and is a good choice for social influencers, bloggers & designers.

FOR DOWNLOAD:- Click on Zillah

I hope this article will help you in selecting the right theme for your website or blog. for more info & suggestion you can DM personally me on Instagram.

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