How To Create An App (Stepwise)

How To Create An App:– Okay, Boom you have a great idea that’s fine but to explain that idea & execute your program. You need to develop/create an app. So, that normal users can get your point of view easily.

Hey guys, today I’m here with a new topic, How to create an app for android. There are many sites, coding, programming, etc. that are available in the market to create an app.

There are many things you need to create an app. If you go through the coding & programming. I”ll explain to you. How you can create an app for free & also without any Programming language, coding, etc.

Here before creating an app you need to decide the topic, idea, services etc, your app will be provided to the users.


Important Things

Before creating an app you need to take care of these things

  • Finalize your idea
  • Decide the topic
  • Do some research
  • Create an overview of the app
  • Create the service list
  • Decide the design & graphics

How To Create STEPS

Step 1:- Go to Apps geyser

2:- Sign in to the account if you have otherwise created an account by clicking on sign in.

3:- Now you are on Dashboard, Take an overall look to the page.

4:- For creating an app go to create an app on the left side of the page.

5:- Now you have this page. Select the type of app you want, there are many templates given, chose as your requirement.

6:- Once you select your template you will be redirected to the next page like this.

7:- Click on next & fill the names of the links that you want to give to your menu.

8:- Then add a background for the app & click next.

9:- Select widgets & themes for the app.

10:- Give the name of the application. What you want & add a description to the app also the logo which you want to add that.

Final step:- Hit on creating & congrats your app is ready.

Here your app is ready,

Now it’s time to download the app or if you have money then you can add your app on Google Play store. If you don’t have money just download the app and share it with your friends.

The created application can be the source of your earning if you place the ad unit on your application. For that, you need to go to the option below the page i.e. monetization.

After making the app if you have a Google ad mob account then you can create an ad unit and place that ad code in your application. By placing the ad code your application will start showing ads to your application & you can generate revenue.

If you want to edit more things in the app then you can go to the Dashboard where you can edit anything easily.

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