How to Create Contact Us Page for Any Website

How to create Contact us page for your website:- Hey guys today I’ll explain how to create contact us page. For any website either of WordPress, Blogger, etc,

Creating some pages like contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer & home page for any website is too necessary. If you need a professional, attractive website. As well as to get Google AdSense approval such pages come under their guidelines. Before giving, you the approval of Adsense google crosschecks everything of your website. So, follow everything as per google ads rules.

What is the contact us page?

Before creating how to create a contact us page. Take a look at what the contact us page is & how it will help you in blogging & website building.

A contact us page helps users, advertisers & visitors to contact you, If they have any issue with your content, post, article or if they need any help from your side. Sometimes Google also needs to contact in case sensitive but they will mail you & mail is the part where you give access to any third person to make a contact link to you. So, creating a contact us page will help you in these manners.

As already told, Creating a contact us page gives a professional & dedicated impression of you on your site so this will also help you in getting Google Adsense approval.


How to create Contact us?

To create contact us first you need to add a plugin in your site dashboard & configure that plugin with some settings. There are several plugins available for contact us page but the best one & that which I’m using is Contact form 7.

Here are some steps for creating contact us page:-

Step 1:- Go to WordPress click on plugins and add new or for download click here

Step 2:- Install contact form 7 and hit on activate.

Step 3:- Now in the WordPress admin panel you will see an option named contact, click on that then you will see code just copy that code.

Step 4:- Now create a page by the name of contact us and don’t write anything in that post. Just paste the copied text.

Post that page and now contact us page is ready for your site.

Now exit to your Dashboard & refresh the page. You will see the contact us form has been added to your site’s contact us page.

Now whoever wants to contact you can fill the form and after submission of their form. You will be able to respond to their questions, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems regarding the post or any help & problems. I’ll try to answer your questions & solve the problems for that DM Instagram. If you guys need a remarkable website like this please contact.

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