How to Create Privacy Policy for any Website

How to Create Privacy Policy Page for your website:- Hey friends, if you guys want to make money online through blogging & also make your name and earn fame then you need a professional website. For professional website design, some pages on your website are must then only google will approve your AdSense request.

According to Google AdSense guidelines following 5 pages must be on your website [HOME, PRIVACY POLICY, DISCLAIMER, CONTACT US & ABOUT] only then google will approve your website to show Ads.

So, in this article, I’ll explain to you how you can create a privacy policy page for your website. It doesn’t matter on which platform you are running your website, this method is applicable for all platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc.


What is Privacy policy?

Before creating the page of privacy policy lets takes a look at what is privacy policy.

Privacy policy:- It is a section in which all the details of the website content, data, user data, visitor data & how the admin of the website will be using all these things are provided. Technically if you log in or enters on any website you automatically agree with the terms and conditions. So this is very important that a privacy policy page must be on your website. This page helps users & visitors to know about their data security & use.

How to Create a Privacy policy

If you wish to create a privacy policy then just follow some steps & you will be able to create a privacy policy. There are some easy steps by following that you will be able to create a professional-looking privacy & policy page.

This process is FREE so you should not be tensed about paying.

Step 1:- Go to Free Privacy Policy Generator

Step 2:- There are two options Website & Mobile apps, select WEBSITE and click on next.

Step 3:- Then business information is asked just fill according to your business. Click on next.

Step 4:- Then your website URL and name will be asked just fill & click on next.

Step 5:- There a question is asked which type of information do you collect just go with that which you wish to collect. Again NEXT.

Step 6:- Now how user contact you will be asked just fill your email id. Again Next as shown in the image.

Step 7:- Then on the next page do you want a professional privacy policy, just go with no. Again next. Then select the language in which you want to create your Privacy policy page.

Finally, give your email id on which they will email you privacy policy & from just copy that and paste it on your Privacy policy page.

NOTE:- you can use that privacy policy on your website there is no problem with that and now with any copyright issue.

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