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Hey guys, If you want to create your own website then welcome to this post. First, you need to decide why you need a website and then you should choose the name of website. For making a website you need two things Domain Name & Web Hosting. It is very important to have a domain and web hosting to make a website.

If you are a learner of making a website this source will be good to get knowledge about creating a website. As with this method, you can make a website for free and you don’t need to pay for that. It is good for students and new website creators.

So, you can get a free domain name for 1 year along with lifetime free hosting. You can create a free website and make money by this method.

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How to Get a Domain Name ??

For getting a domain name for free you need to follow some steps as mentioned below, so let’s start with some simple steps:-

Step 1:- Getting a domain name free of cost you need to go to Freenom website, Where you see an option named find a free domain with extension Check Availability. Just type the name of domain that you want as your site name.

Step 2:- As you searched for the domain name the list of domains is shown, just select the name of domain which you want.

Just keep in mind that you can’t buy free domains, in, .org, etc. by this method.

Step 3:- If the provided domain is available then there is an option of getting it now. Just go with that & follow the next steps.

Step 4:- Then verify with your email address/ Facebook. As you verify the email you will be able for the domain and fill the requested details then click on complete my order.

And by following these steps you can get your Domain for free for 1 year, then you need to go to your email address in order to login to your domain provider.

How to Get Web Hosting ??

If you need free hosting for a lifetime then you need to follow these steps, so let’s begin.

Step 1:- First go to Infinity Free website and sign up there by your email address.

Step 2:- On email address, you have an email with verification. Go and verify your hosting. Here your hosting account is ready.

Step 3:- Now you can log in to your hosting and you need to connect your hosting to your domain. For connecting Domain to Hosting you need to change the domain name server.

Connect Domain Hosting:-

  • If you want to change your domain name server then go to Domain’s DNS setting and change name server.
  • Now connect Infinityfree Hosting NS with Domain.


Just change your Domains Name server with the above DNS & you will be able to connect the domain and the hosting.

So, all done now your site is ready but you need to design it.

I hope you All guys have learned something from this blog, If yes then let me know in the comment section & for more info like this you can subscribe to my youtube channel:- Tech brothers



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