Instagram Removing The Following Activity Tab From Instagram

Instagram the photo-video sharing social media application is now removing the following activity tab form their application as well as their site. Since facebook woned Instagram there were a lot of changes taking place on Instagram. Now it turns to have a lot of features. The activity feed displays the activity of the followers & following while liking, commenting & following.

Instagram has launched the “following” tab in 2011, Recently Instagram has launched a new mode called “Restrict” worldwide, that will help a user control over the abuse & offensive post. In this feature, a user can restrict from commenting by swiping on left.

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The tab is being removed from the application in the next update after this week. The head of Instagram Adam Mosseri confirmed the update in a tweet. Also according to Instagram’s head of product Vishal Shah, the tab of following is being removed for the reason of making the application simple.

He aforesaid “People did not invariably apprehend that their activity is egress. So, you’ve got a case wherever it is not surfriding the employment case you designed if for, however, it is also inflicting folks to be shocked once their activity is showing up”

Official Tweet

Today we’re removing the ‘Following’ tab on Instagram, that was created to assist folks to discover new posts and accounts their friends interact with. We’re forever attempting to remain centered and keep Instagram easy, so we have a tendency to celebrate launches and ‘unshipping.’

Final words

I hope this video will help you guys in knowing about the features & the updates of the Instagram regarding the “Following” tab & new restrict mode. If this article helped you in knowing about, please be in contact.

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