REMOVE WRITE PROTECTION FROM SD CARD? Write protection is inbuilt protection given by the manufacturer company to their software & hardware in order to protect them from overwrite or old information being edited. In other words, any user can read the data but can’t change or modify that.

Removing write protection helps you to re-write or modify the software of that particular product, on the removal of write protectionall the restriction gets removed & after removing write protection you can easily format that SD card, Pen drive or from the disk.

Benefits of Write protection

If your disk has written protection then the disk is fully safe in terms of getting data deleted accidentally or overwritten.

For example, if your SD card is data written protected then during the removal or ejection of the card or the drive there is no chance at all getting the data erased & all time you don’t need any ejection procedure & so in this way write protection helps you.

But in some cases, we need to remove write protection to modify the use of that particular disk.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to remove write protection from any disk (Pendrive, SD card, Disk or Harddisk) so, follow the steps explained below.

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For the removal of write protection, the things you need are:- A pc, SD card or the drive from which you wish to remove the write protection.

Step 1:– Use your administrator account to access the disk partition tool.

Step 2:- Insert the SD card from which you want to remove write protection.

Step 3:- For confirmation take a look that the inserted card is supported or not.

Step 4:- Go to windows search at the bottom & type run.

Step 5: -Then type disk part and press ok.

Step 6:- Then there is the opening of CMD panel & type list disk.

Step 7:- Press ENTER key it will take you to list part, select the disk from which you want to remove write protection.

Step 8:- After selecting the disk Press ENTER KEY, then type ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY which clears write protection.

Step 9:- Then you will see Disk attributes cleared successfully and then type exit and press ENTER KEY.

Now EJECT your SD card and try the process which you want to do with that SD card.

Now your SD card is free from write protection.

But even after this process if your disk is unable to remove write protection then once try to remove the Disk & do this process again after Re-Starting your PC. Because sometimes your system fails to do such activity.

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