What is Google AdSense & Know How To Earn?

What is Google AdSense & Know How To Earn? :- Hey guys, In this article I’ll explain what is Google AdSense & how you can earn there. So, let’s begin with a short intro of Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense this name is sufficient for the intro of itself. We know Google is the largest search engine of this planet earth, This search engine has each and every information about everything exists.

Google AdSense is a partner program in which Google pays you for showing the Ads on your property. The brand which needs advertising their content pays a lot of money to Google and again Google pays us for the branding & advertisement on our property.


What is Our Property?

If talking about what are our property then there are a number of things through which you can make money by the Google AdSense program.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Application
  • Shows etc.

These are your property, If you are a YouTuber, Blogger, Page manager, Application owner or Host a show, etc. then by showing Ads on your platform you can make money.

How To Earn?

Okay so about how to earn through it, First you need to be on any of the above Platform (YouTube, Website, Facebook Page manager, Application owner or Host a show) so, you need to select any one of these platforms.

If you Go Through:-


If you go through YouTube then you need to create a channel on YouTube & do upload videos on that channel. If you are looking for making money on YouTube then you have to go through their guidelines, Term & Conditions.

According to YouTube policy to get monetization enabled on your YouTube channel you need to complete 4ooo hours & 1ooo Subscriber on your channel by the date of 1st video uploaded.


If you go through this method then you need to create a website & you have to go through Google AdSense guidelines, terms & conditions. For Guidelines & full procedure you can take a look on our site for that click here

Facebook Page

Yes, you can also make money through this process first you have to create a Facebook page and invite your friends to like the page. Upload quality content to the page, Don’t use any random post just to upload.

Think about what you are going to upload on that page, Create your own content don’t copy-paste. Google algorithm is too intelligent they will catch your content is copyrighted or not within a sec so, be aware of that.

To create page Go here


This option is also good for making money online, If this method worked then you just can’t even imagine how much you can per day. In this method, you need to create a Google AdMob account. For this method, you need the following things:-

  • An Application
  • A Google AdSense account
  • Application creator & editor account
  • Play store publishing account

First, you have to apply for the Google AdSense account then there are lots of application making websites on which you can create your application for free & paid both. Paid in case of publishing your application on Google Play Store.

Then you need to publish your application on Play store & connect with your Google AdMob. Finally, after $100 in your account, you can withdraw that.

Final Words

All the methods explained in this article are 100% real. For more information, you can search on the internet about these. In my opinion, the best way of making money by Google AdSense is Blogging & YouTube.

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