5 Top Web Design Plugin for WordPress

Some best web design plugins for WordPress

Hey guys in this blog I’ll explain about 5 bets plugins for WordPress designing. It is the best and easy to use, though you don’t think so about it when you go through it for the first time & this is because WordPress comes with many expanding options.

The main thing is that, it can be expanded as you need, it is a little complex for the first time because you are not used to with functions.

So, here are some applications and plugins to design your website via WordPress.

Yaost SEO

Yaost is the extremely important plugin for the WordPress, if you want to rank your site on google to get more traffic, as this plugin optimizes your page so AI of google understands actually the page is about what and index accordingly the search.

This program gives you a checklist of many things like SEO, Readability & social checklist, from where you can see how your post or page may rank on google.

It is a search engine optimizer & leads your post page and website in ranking. It is a FREEMIUM product as its most of its function comes free but if you need the full version of it then you have to pay for that.

WP Mush

Having good pics and thumbnail attracts the viewers. Of course, you want a pic for your thumbnail or the post which must be attractive to the viewers. The pic has many bandwidth & configuration which may increase your website loading time, due to which your site may face slowing down the problem.

So, you need that type of plugin which reduces the pic size and makes your website fast and the quality of the pics good even after the compression of pic & for that you need WP MUSH.


Jetpack is, on the whole, a single army for your site, as it provides site security, website appearance, traffic growth, image optimization, site performance, anti-spam properties, etc.

pack comes along with WordPress so by the purpose of safety it is the best to package. Even its update comes with WordPress so it is more compactable to WordPress.

Gallery by Envira

We have our WordPress gallery but have limited use and functions like a grid, tiles, etc. which are not too cool by the point of view of designing. So you should go with Gallery by Envira

Gallery by Envira provides many more templates & designs so that you can modify that with your need & also you can drag and drop the content design.

Slider Plugin

Too much content or data on a page might slow down the page so due to that’s fear we don’t put too much info but rather than not putting too much information we must use a slider tool.

Slide Show Gallery gives the solution to this problem by the slow but continues drip-feed of image, post & page. Which makes the user did not feel bored, and they stay on your site.

Final Words

With the help of these plugins I hope your site will look dynamic powerful, and beautiful. More than just viewing the blog its better to introduce all these things in your WordPress site. For more web designing content go through it.

So, best of luck for your website designing and if have any question and suggestion the please contact on [email protected]

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